Foundation Curriculum

We provide a creative ‘TOPIC’ curriculum using the Cornerstones Online Curriculum.

Foundation Curriculum

We provide a creative ‘TOPIC’ curriculum using the Cornerstones Online Curriculum.

The Cornerstones Curriculum is matched to the 2014 Primary National Curriculum.  It offers creative lessons that cover Science, History, Geography, Art, DT and Music, bringing subjects together on one theme.

These lessons are taught in the afternoon and the topic theme relates to the pupils ‘Talk 4 Write’ text in English.

Each term a book is chosen that relates to the TOPIC that is being studied.  To encourage a love for reading in our school, we have a daily reading session when our HTLAs read these books to our pupils.  We have chosen them to make sure the pupils listen to a range of different literature.

Forest School and Gardening

Each class will also experience ‘Forest School’ sessions each term.  This includes parts of several foundation subjects. Forest school allows pupils to explore their natural environment (Science, Geography) and develop social skills  (PSHE) that will support their development.  Being outside of the classroom is great for their health and wellbeing. Learning to keep safe when doing activities like, sawing, cutting, making camp fires and cooking (Design and Technology) are skills that will stay with them through life. Children begin to learn about the importance of looking after animal habitats and why the natural environment should be protected (Science, Citizenship). 

The foundation curriculum also includes Gardening sessions that focus on responsibility (caring for plants) and understanding (learning the scientific basis of plant growth.)

African Drumming

Experience of additional music is offered through African Drumming (two terms each year).

This is delivered by an experienced music teacher . The lessons cover rhythm and skill, performance and the opportunity to compose, which are all National Curriculum objectives.

For children, drumming offers an instrument you can play without the need of many instructions. It is an instrument that aids motor skills and is a multi-sensory experience that includes touch, physical movement and listening.  Research has shown that drumming can have positive effects on language, literacy, motivation and self-esteem.

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