At North Star 82°, we  deliver at least one lesson of PSHE a week, with each term having a theme. 


At North Star 82°, we deliver at least one lesson of PSHE a week, with each term having a theme.  These will be linked to Health and Wellbeing, Relationships or Living in the Wider World. We also deliver lessons that celebrate National Awareness Days and weeks and these tie in with our Monday morning assemblies.

Through PSHE and Citizenship lessons, we plan to give children essential skills for life. We include the knowledge and skills children need to protect and develop their wellbeing. Children will learn how to stay safe and healthy, and build and keep successful relationships.  They develop the knowledge of when and how children can ask for help. We aim to help them become active citizens, who play a responsible part in society. Evidence shows that good PSHE education can help disadvantaged or vulnerable children by raising their hopes for themselves and by giving them skills to overcome any barriers they face.

Our teaching follows the PSHE Association Programme of Study which is recommended by the Department of Education. It includes lessons linked to the 2020 Relationships and Health Education, which all schools must deliver.

Objectives/Pupil learning intentions:

Our PSHE curriculum will support the development of the skills, attitudes, values and behaviour, which enable pupils to: 

Have a sense of purpose

Value self and others

Form relationships

Make and act on informed decisions

Communicate effectively

Work with others

Respond to challenge

Be an active partner in their own learning

Be active citizens within the local community

Explore issues related to living in a democratic society 

Become healthy and fulfilled individuals 

Lessons and themes that your child will experience:

EYFS/KS1 Curriculum

Term 1

I Belong
  • All About Me  
  • My New Class 
  • Class Charter  
  • Tell me how you are feeling in your new class.  
  • My Family 
  • Interview my new teacher

Term 2

It’s Good to Share and Fabulous Friends
  • What is Sharing? 
  • Why is Sharing Important? 
  • What does good sharing look like? 
  • Turn Taking 
  • What makes a good friend? 
  • Why is it important to say thank you?

Term 3

Super Me and My Marvellous Mind
  • Self-Esteem Shield 
  • What I Love About Being Me 
  • My Talents 
  • Emotions 
  • How can you help yourself to feel better? 
  • Mindful Walk  
  • Gratitude Wall

Term 4

How I Feel
  • Identifying emotions and expressions  
  • My Feelings  
  • Feelings Role Play 
  • Sensory Bottle 
  • Why do we have certain feelings? 
  • How are you feeling today?

Term 5

Look What I Can Do and Yes I Can
  • What can we do if we find something difficult? 
  • Showing Kindness  
  • Tidy up time 
  • Where is your brain? 
  • How can you make your brain grow and get stronger? 
  • My elastic brain

Term 6

Changing Me
  • All about me 
  • My body  
  • Growing Up 
  • My special box 
  • What do you like  
  • My new class

LKS2 Curriculum

Term 1

Team - Relationships
  • A New Start  
  • Together Everyone Achieves More 
  • Working Together 
  • Being Considerate 
  • When Things Go Wrong 
  • Responsibilities

Term 2

Britain - Living in the Wider World
  • Living in Britain  
  • Democracy 
  • Rules, Laws and Responsibilities  
  • Liberty 
  • Tolerance and Respect 
  • What does it mean to be British?

Term 3

Be Yourself - Relationships
  • Pride 
  • Feelings  
  • Express Yourself 
  • Know Your Mind 
  • Media-Wise 
  • Making it Right

Term 4

It's My Body - Health and Wellbeing
  • My Body, My Choice 
  • Fit as a Fiddle 
  • Good Night, Good Day 
  • Cough, Splutter, Sneeze! 
  • Drugs: Healing or Harmful? 
  • Choices Everywhere

Term 5

Money Matters - Living in the Wider World
  • Where does money come from? 
  • Ways to Pay 
  • Lending and Borrowing 
  • Priorities 
  • Advertising 
  • Keeping Track

Term 6

Aiming High - Health and Wellbeing
  • Achievements 
  • Goals 
  • Always Learning 
  • Jobs and Skills 
  • No Limit! 
  • When I Grow Up

UKS2 Curriculum

Term 1

Team - Relationships
  • Together Everyone Achieves More 
  • Communicate 
  • Collaborate  
  • Compromise  
  • Care 
  • Shared Responsibilities

Term 2

Britain - Living in the Wider World
  • Identities  
  • Communities  
  • Respecting the Law 
  • Local Governments 
  • National Government 
  • Making a Difference

Term 3

Be Yourself - Relationships
  • You are Unique 
  • Let it Out! 
  • Uncomfortable Feelings 
  • The Confidence Trick  
  • Do the Right Thing 
  • Making Amends

Term 4

It's My Body - Health and Wellbeing
  • Your Body is Your Own  
  • Sleep Well, Be Well 
  • Taking Care of Our Changing Bodies 
  • Harmful Substances 
  • How we Think and Feel About our Bodies  
  • Healthy Choices

Term 5

Money Matters - Living in the Wider World
  • Look After It! 
  • Critical Consumers  
  • Value for Money 
  • Budgeting  
  • Borrowing and Saving  
  • Money in the Wider World

Term 6

Aiming High - Health and Wellbeing
  • You Can Achieve Anything 
  • Breaking Down Barriers 
  • Future Focus 
  • Equal Opportunities 
  • Innovation and Enterprise

Year 6 Relationships and Sex Education (Term 6)

Week 1

Changing Bodies

Week 2

Emotional Changes

Week 3

Just the Way You Are

Week 4


Week 5

Let’s Talk About Sex

Week 6

Human Reproduction
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