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A Message from Ms Yeo and Miss Wilkinson

 Dear Parents

Here we are again at the end of another school year, time flying by!   

We have seen yet again this year how totally amazing all your children can be.  It’s been another rewarding year for all the staff, seeing so much development and academic progress.  The key one has been with reading, which has relied so much on the support you have given with this.  Children are talking so much about the reading they are doing, their aspirations to move up levels, noticing the progress of their peers.  They are really understanding the importance of this skill for their understanding of other subjects and for their future lives.  I know I have said thank you to before for the time you have put into this – but just need to do that again!  Any encouragement to read over the summer holiday would be amazing. 

We have had some children join throughout this year. Seeing how quickly and well they have settled in has been a joy to observe and your positive feedback has been appreciated.  We hope these children continue to flourish next year. 

Of course, we will be sad to say goodbye to our current group of Year 6 pupils and wish them well in their next schools.  Please know that we always welcome ex-pupils getting in touch with us to let us know how things are going, or arranging to call in for a visit.   

For those returning in September, can we please ask that during the next academic year you try to avoid taking holidays during term time.  This has a negative impact on our attendance figures, which we are keen to avoid and of course can affect pupil progress as they miss a longer series of lessons. 

School will be starting with an INSET day on 1st September and then a gradual introduction of pupils from 2nd-7th September.  We will be writing separately with individual details. 

Other than this it only remains for me to wish you an enjoyable summer break

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